Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our Day at the Museum of Arts and Design

Here are fabulous students from Ms. Shu's class at the Juan Morel Campos school printing and painting designs to E. coli!  They began by printing to paper the many images I'd already cultivated on stacks of petri dishes. (I'm demo-ing this above). Then they turned their attention to making their own original designs, applying the clear solutions of E. coli to the agar plates we'd prepared. After the prints dried, they sealed and mounted these in clean petri dishes; 2 students created a sculpture from the mounted prints. Lots more great photos below the jump!

Click here for more great photos of the workshop by Emily Shu. 

Kelly pulling off a print with tweezers

Jeff pulling prints, Nico painting with bacteria
Kelly creates a sculpture from mounted prints. Katayoun interprets with excitement.

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