Friday, October 21, 2011

Working with Live Painting Materials

In this collaboration between artist and scientist we have enlisted a natural organism, E. coli bacteria,  to  generate images that resemble paintings or prints, but that have a unique set of patterns that could not be generated using non living materials. We hoped that by letting nature generate its own patterns we would trigger the interest of the eye and the visual brain, which has evolved to pay attention to the irregular patterns generated by natural growing objects. 

This blog documents our many adventures.  Above are two prints pulled from the same petri dish. (Simply click on any image to see it in greater detail.) Please visit our website to see a gallery of current work, and leave us your comments... we'd love to hear your impressions.


Stephannie said...

Amy it was great working with you in the lab, I had a lot of fun. I was glad to experience something new and different. Even though I was a bit frightened in working with the bacteria its an experience that I will never forget and I am thankful that you allowed me to be a part of that experience.

-Stephannie Gomez

The Genius Ambition said...

It was a good experience to make art out of bacteria. Though we were are all scared by the bacteria it was still a good learning experience.

-Carolina Grullon

Dr.farhad said...

my name is farhad farizn
i study in microbiology science in IRAN.
your work is very good....!
I love bacteria! ^_^